Quitters will undergo Four Stages of the Q-Cigarettes Program™ throughout the course of their new, healthier life.

Q1: Build Your Q-Team

Quitters download the free Q-Cigarettes App and build their own Q-Team by inviting friends, family, or anonymous Supporters.

Q2: Q-Cigarettes + Q-Team Action

For the first 12 weeks, the Program recommends Quitters use Q-Cigarettes in conjunction with receiving support and counseling through the Q-Cigarettes App, i.e. Q-Team Action.

Q3: Q-Team Action

For the next 12 weeks, Quitters are recommended to continue Q-Team Action to manage their cravings and stress.

Q4: Q-Team Maintenance

For an indefinite period of time, Quitters are recommended to continue using the Q-Cigarettes App to maintain their abstinence