No More Chewing on Straws!

Our Q-Cigarette Filters are designed to help smokers recondition their response to everyday activities like morning coffee, long drives, etc. from smoking to using a Filter. It looks and feels like a real tobacco cigarette but contains no nicotine, tobacco, and other harmful chemicals. Its design aims to satisfy cravings without ever lighting up a cigarette. The Filters are completely safe, vapor-free, and made in the USA. Available for purchase on and within the Q-Cigarettes App.


Next Generation Q-Cigarettes [Patent Pending]

We at Q-Cigarettes, Inc. are always looking for ways to make our Q-Cigarettes better and easier for Quitters to use. Our next generation of Q-Cigarettes will feature Filters with cylindrical shaped nicotine gum built-in and removable. Quitters will no longer need to carry nicotine gum with the Q-Cigarette Filters separately. It is currently patent pending. Follow our social media sites for future updates on our Q-Cigarettes 2.0!